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Spam and more spam.

Welcome to my backup blog, should be up and running soon enough. Since I launched this backup blog a couple of days ago I have received over 60 spam comments. So if your not a spammer please leave a comment that isnt spam thanks. 🙂

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What the Xbox 720 will need!

Source: Versus Source: I remember the old first gen Xbox, it was a black box with a cool looking black and green user interface. The console was mysterious, and powerful. The Xbox kiled the Ps2, though I hated the controller. When the Xbox 360 came out it was a concave hour clock shape, loud, and the interface was multicolored, the new interface came around and looked much better, but still I dont feel the excitement to the Xbox 360 that the original Xbox had. The Xbox 360 is on par…

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Why do people play games on Facebook?

Why do people play games on Facebook? What is so fun about games like Cafe World, Hotel City, Millionaire City, and the new game grabbing millions Frontier Ville? If you ask me it’s repetition, everyday you do the same thing, over and over again nothing different. You either cook something, plant crops, or take off crops, always the same. My reason for playing Facebook games is when I couldn’t really afford to go out and spend $69.99 on Xbox games every month I had to look to something else to…

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