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What if your headlights burnout on the highway?

I was driving home tonight on the highway in the middle of no where with no other traffic and got wondering what if both my headlights burnt out? Example: Headlights: Without Headlights: Image Source Do I: A) Keep driving? B) Or phone 911? It’s an emergency i cant see nothing. C) Pull over and wait for morning? D) Other What would you do please comment in the comment box, either a), b), or c) or d) other.

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What would happen if, CFK had a robbery!

It’s a cold, wet night. The local CFK store is dead, not a customer around. Justin, Joyce, and Brett are working tonight. Then all of the sudden a customer enters the store. Brett is upfront and ready to take their order. When all of the sudden one customer yells, ” Give me all the money, now!” Brett says, “Ok hold on one second.” Joyce who was in the middle kitchen says, ” Well you have to come back here to get the money.” Joyce notices that the robber are unarmed….

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What would happen if?

What would happen if, Kfc we beta testing out a new Chicken item. Now this Chicken item sure does not look like normal Kfc Chicken, but instead was cut to look like human body parts. Yes human body parts. Now why you may ask, well because Kfc thought it would be a cool, hip idea for Halloween. Now if that seems odd read on. There’s an unnamed Kfc doing the beta testing, it’s 3:00 Pm and there is only two workers on, one to run the front till and drive…

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