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Furious 8 T.V 

Furious 8 has a release date!

  You would assume that Fast and the Furious would have ended after 7, but as the franchise is still making tons of money there is no way they will end now. We can all thank Vin Diesel for letting us know when the Furious 8 will be released. The official date is April 14, 2017 quite a ways away.   Details are not really known, but the action will take place in new York with Kurt Russel’s Mr. Nobody playing a bigger part this time. We should all expect…

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The Hunger Games: Capitol clothing outrages some

After the Hunger Games movie launched many believed that the strange way that the wealthier (Capitol) group dressed would make drag queen dressing popular. Source: As you can see here the men look like men and the woman look like woman. There are no cross-dressing going on here. People have become obsessed with alternative realities before: There are groups of people who like to think they are Vampires. There are groups of people who get together and dress like there favorite Star Wars character, Star Trek Character and even World…

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Why I like Futurama.

Watching season six episode of Futurama I noticed something odd about the disco the main charcters were dancing in. I noticed the very simple math equation in the name of the disco hall. Now you may be think and, well once compute the equation the answer is 54. So I searched studio 54 and found out it was actual dance studio in the 70’s and 80’s. So as you can see 1^2 = 1 2^1 = 2 3^3 = 27 And when you multiply these you get 54. Studio 54

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Canadian’s still can’t watch South Park online.

Tonight on April 27 th I was excited to hear about the Human Centipede and Apple themed South Park episode. I clicked on the link that was provided to watch the episode and I received this lovely message. So as you can see Canadian’s still cannot watch South Park online. Updated December 13, 2011

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Movies and Pop Culture. 

Netflix Canada: The Best Christmas Movies!

Snap by Groupon – Earn money back on your groceries!                   From Saskatchewan? Check out JW Digital Archiving. Photo, Document Scanning. VHS to DVD transferring service and more. Click here. 2015: HD = High Def, SD = Standard Def Movies: A very Merry Christmas: HD Check out the YouTube video below:   If anyone has any new suggestions for 20154 leave a comment. :-)5New Christmas movies for 2014! HD = High Definition, SD = Standard Defintion Movies: The Fitzgerald Family Christmas: 2012,…

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Netflix Canada HD is now available on Xbox 360!

With the new release of the Xbox dashboard today November 1st netflix streaming is now on the Xbox 360! For $ 7.99 a month you can stream as many tv shows and movies as you like that are the Netflix library! You can also get a free one month trial ,but you need to have a credit card. So far I find netflix canada to be very interesting and I am tempted to continue my subscription. I would also like to add that you can now watch these movies and…

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