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Canada's weirdest town names Odd 

Canada’s weirdest town names

I have decided to start out with Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan has some of the weirdest names when it comes to naming towns! Here is a list of what I believe are the weirdest names!   Saskatchewan’s weirdest town names. – Nut Mountain: Developing… – Big River: Big River is known for Wil Campbell an Metis film producer who started the Dreamspeakers Festival Society and the National Film Board’s Native Studio. – Carrot River: Carrot River name comes from Aboriginal background; Carrot River comes from the Plains Cree word for river of…

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Strange purple balls found in Arizona Desert

The other day I’ve seen a couple of posts on the internet about some mysterious purple balls that were found in the Arizona desert.   The couple that found them described them as being purple, with a jelly like appearance. When looked at closer they are transparent and almost look like they have water inside. I was in my local dollarama (dollar store) today and found some purple balls that match the description almost perfectly. These purple balls are air freshener balls. So I wonder if something like these were…

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