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Don’t bother backing Kickstarter or Indiegogo

I have been burned twice by two projects on Kickstarter. The first has been the Yufu stylus that I backed in December 2013 it is now December 2015 and the backer had not updated since August! Another project called Kraftwerk a fuel powered charger for your phone. The Kraftwerk should have been sent out this month, but has been delayed a few times. We are now being told another 6 months! The reason for this is 1. They are having trouble getting an injection moulding machine. 2. They are being…

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First time at University guide

With University fast approaching I thought I would share some of my tips for a first time university student.   Number one tip is to sit near the front of any class does not have to be the very front just make sure it is within the first 5 rows. This allows you to pay attention to your professor easier while also hearing them easier. My grades improved sitting near the front. Number two tip. Write down all of your big projects on a piece of paper including term essays,…

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Snap by Groupon earn free money from your groceries

Snap by Groupon allows you to earn free money back on any of your grocery receipts! Here is what the app looks like: As you can see mother’s can earn money back on diapers. And anyone van warm money back on typical groceries like milk and vegetables. Even cleaning products and personal hygiene! All you do is snap your grocery receipt. If this interests you sign up hereby clicking this link.

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Top 5 Most Dangerous Jobs

When you think of the most dangerous jobs what comes to mind? Just to clarify my dangerous I mean dealing with possible dangerous people. Theirs, murders, gang violence etc. Police Officer? Here is my list of the top 5 dangerous jobs dealing with people. 1. Social Worker – When you are a Social Worker you are dealing with people who need help the most. You could be dealing with people who are clinically insane. There are times a Social Worker could be called out to take away children from an…

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Aluminum Oxide in deodorant dangerous

Recent reports are showing that aluminum oxide in deodorant is dangerous for our health. Aluminum has been linked to causing breast cancer in females and males, Alzheimer’s disease, brittle bone disease, and many other horrible consequences. Through my research the best natural deodorant stick that contains no aluminums, no chemicals, no perfumes, no oils, or emulsifiers (are chemicals added to deodorant or food to keep it from separating). Amazing Pure & Natural is made from natural mineral salts to keep you dry and smell free. What is also great about…

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What you need for your first year of university

Here is a list of items you need to do well in your first year of university! The number one item you will for university is a white board or calendar! At the beginning of class you will get a syllabus with all of the assignment and exam dates. Therefore, having a white board will allow you to write all of your due dates! You will also be able to erase or cross out these dates once you are finished! This white board would work perfectly! Who doesn’t need a…

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