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Nintendo Switch to cost $299

The new Nintendo Switch will start at $299 US so expect the Switch to start at $400 Canadian.   The Nintendo Switch also has a USB-C port for charging. Expect 4 3 to 6 hours of play when mobile. The Nintendo Switch has a capture button on the controller that allows to capture screen shots for now with video captures coming in the future. The controllers are very similar to the original Wii controllers. The controllers are called Joy-con. The Joy-Con controllers have a motion sensing ability which allows them…

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New 3D eye tracking slot machines a win for Casinos

New slot machines are coming up with new ways to grab your attention and your money. An example is the new SPHINX 3D by GTECH. This machine employs cameras just underneath the display that track the player and give them a full 3D view without the need of glasses. This technology is nothing new. The new Amazon phone uses this feature. Though what is not known about this slot machine is whether the machine uses emotional recognition to keep you playing. If the slot machine notices that you are disappointed…

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Five reasons why Temple Run is Addictive

Who has not played Temple Run? I am sure everyone reading this post has. Temple Run has been a great success for the developers because the game has all the aspects of being addicting. Temple Run is a game which for the most part is quite easy, and is great for casual gamers. You can quickly play a round or two while on your break or even while in the bathroom. The reasons why Temple Run is addictive: 1. Achievements:  From the beginning Temple Run starts off with the main…

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