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McDonalds_12_Chicken_Burger_review_600 Food Reviews 

McDonald’s 12 Chicken Sandwich review

McDonald’s 12 Chicken Sandwich review The 12™ Grilled or crispy seasoned Canadian chicken breast, topped with white processed cheddar cheese, crisp leaf lettuce, fresh tomato, and applewood smoke seasoned sauce, on a sesame and poppy-seed glazed bun. It’s a satisfying sandwich you’ll feel good about.   Looking at the first image of McDonald’s 12 Chicken sandwich it looks giant! You can clearly see the crispy chicken breast, lettuce and tomato, but that does not do this sandwich justice let’s have a better look at the new 12.   Though the question…

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McDonald’s Create Your Taste

McDonald’s Create Your Own Burger “Taste” Burger. Seems like McDonalds is testing a build your own burger in Alberta. Create your own taste is all about you making your very own gourmet burger. With 30 delicious ingredients to choose from, you now have everything you need to make your burger, yours. Build your own burger in 5 simple steps. 1. Choose your own bun – Black and White Sesame Brioche-Style Bun. – Artisan-Style Bakery roll. – Lettuce Wrap. 2. Make it Cheesy – McDonald’s Classic Cheese – Monterey Jack Jalepeno…

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Scorcher_Double_Down Food Reviews 

KFC Canada Double or Nothing: Scorcher Double Down review

I have finally got my hands on the Scorcher Double Down so here is the review as promised. KFC Canada has had the Double Down and the Zinger Double Down before you can read my Zinger Double Down review here. For those you do not know what a Double Down is here is a short summary, the Double Down is two pieces of hand breaded chicken with bacon and a Habanero cheese with some type of mayo keeping it all together. There is no bun at all. The Scorcher Double Down…

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