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iPhone SE Apple 

new iPhone SE for 2016 announced as well as iPad 9.7″ Pro

Apple has just announced the new iPhone SE today!       iPhone SE pictured in the new Rose Gold color above. The iPhone SE has a 4 inch screen with the power of the iPhone 6S! The camera on the back is the same as the iPhone 6S a 12 megapixel camera with a dual flash which helps with skin colours similar to the Lg G3. For the last iPhones Apple has gone bigger and bigger with the iPhone 5, to the iPhone 6 and the huge iPhone 6+ Plus….

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Apple Watch destroyed in new video

As usual high-end gadgets are usually destroyed on YouTube. The Apple Watch is the newest greatest gadget! So here is a video of the Apple Watch being destroyed in a torture test. CNET tests the Apple Watch Sport in a kitchen to see how it stands up to abuse. Surprisingly the Apple Watch Sport holds up quite well in quite a bit of tests. 1. The Apple Watch Sport is submerged in water. 2. Boiled 3. Grated 4. Spilled on 5. Dropped 6. Smashed! Finally the Apple Watches screen smashed after…

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Apple Watch teardown Apple 

Teardown of Apple Watch

iFixit has got their hands onto the new Apple Watch! You can find their teardown here You might want to reload the page a few times as the teardown is in progress. So gar we can see a 205 mAh battery inside with a Taptic Engine. Apple says the 205 mAh battery should give 18 hours of usage. The 205 mAh battery seems tiny compared to the 300 mAh battery found in the Moto 360. The taptic motor: The Taptic Engine is Apple’s take on the linear actuator. It creates motion in a…

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Apple Watch vs Google Android Wear Apple 

Why is the Apple Watch more popular than Android Wear?

  Apple Watch in Gold seen above with Motorola Moto 360 seen below. The Apple Watch in gold will cost $17,000 USD versus the Moto 360 priced at $205 USD now on Amazon.   It seems like the Apple Watch is a lot more popular than the Android Wear developed by Google. For me this is a little disappointing as I am an Android user and would rather have an Android Wear watch. Recently while browsing though Digg I noticed that Digg is advertising Digg on your Apple Watch.  Seeing…

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