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Surface Studio Computer Talk 

new Microsoft Surface Studio looks amazing

When I first laid my eyes on the new Microsoft Surface Studio I was amazed. Finally, someone has a competitor to Apple’s iMac. Check out the Surface Studio’s introductory video below:   Being this is a Surface you are guaranteed that a Surface will be touchscreen ,but what are the display specifications? You get a 28 inch screen with 10 touch points. You get a 4500×3000 (192 DPI) screen. For those wondering what the aspect ratio is the screen is a 3:2.  You get a 1080P front facing camera as well as…

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CPu_Monitor_Das_Keyboard_5Q Computer Talk 

Das Keyboard 5Q cloud keyboard with programmable notifications keys

The new Das Keyboard 5Q is the latest innovation from Das Keyboard. This is the world’s first cloud connected keyboard, but also Das Keyboard’s first ever back-light keyboard! I am not sure if I am more excited about the backlight keys or the cloud based notifications system Das Keyboard has come up with. Das Keyboard has always been known for very high quality keyboards, but they were behind in one area, they were missing a backlighting. Das Keyboard has added RGB backlighting to the 5Q which Das Keyboard mentions,”the Das Keyboard…

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iPhone SE Apple 

new iPhone SE for 2016 announced as well as iPad 9.7″ Pro

Apple has just announced the new iPhone SE today!       iPhone SE pictured in the new Rose Gold color above. The iPhone SE has a 4 inch screen with the power of the iPhone 6S! The camera on the back is the same as the iPhone 6S a 12 megapixel camera with a dual flash which helps with skin colours similar to the Lg G3. For the last iPhones Apple has gone bigger and bigger with the iPhone 5, to the iPhone 6 and the huge iPhone 6+ Plus….

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Apple Watch destroyed in new video

As usual high-end gadgets are usually destroyed on YouTube. The Apple Watch is the newest greatest gadget! So here is a video of the Apple Watch being destroyed in a torture test. CNET tests the Apple Watch Sport in a kitchen to see how it stands up to abuse. Surprisingly the Apple Watch Sport holds up quite well in quite a bit of tests. 1. The Apple Watch Sport is submerged in water. 2. Boiled 3. Grated 4. Spilled on 5. Dropped 6. Smashed! Finally the Apple Watches screen smashed after…

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