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moto_360_LCA44B Android Wear 

Moto 360 LCA44B has excellent battery life

After updating my Moto 360 to LCA44B which bring new interactive watch faces to the Moto 360 download them here. Though LCA44B also brings performance and stability enhancements. My Moto 360 was on since 7 am and was still at 25% after around 14 hours of usage with 5 hours left estimated I cannot complain. That is 19 hours! The new update also includes Google translate that allows you to speak into your Moto 360 and have it translate your words into 44 different languages. Video of me demonstrating English…

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Moto_360_sequal_rose_gold Android Wear 

Moto 360 sequel spotted updated

Update: A watch babd manufacture from China got their hands on the new Moto 360. The new Moto 360 will be 45.5mm in diameter with lugs which will allow any 22mm watch babd to easily be used on the Moto 360 2015 version. Source The Moto 360 has been spotted in Chicago thanks to a Reddit user! Motorola has not been great at hiding the new Moto 360. Motorola employees have been wondering around with the new version. As we can see there is still the flat tire on the…

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Apple Watch vs Google Android Wear Apple 

Why is the Apple Watch more popular than Android Wear?

  Apple Watch in Gold seen above with Motorola Moto 360 seen below. The Apple Watch in gold will cost $17,000 USD versus the Moto 360 priced at $205 USD now on Amazon.   It seems like the Apple Watch is a lot more popular than the Android Wear developed by Google. For me this is a little disappointing as I am an Android user and would rather have an Android Wear watch. Recently while browsing though Digg I noticed that Digg is advertising Digg on your Apple Watch. ┬áSeeing…

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LG G Watch R new circular android wear watch

LG’s new G Watch R is LG’s new circular designed Android Wear watch aimed to compete with Motorola’s Moto 360. Specs of the G Watch R There is a 1.3 inch P-OLED (Plastic OLED) screen with a resolution of 320×320. Which unlike the Moto 360 it has a full 360 display with no black bar on the bottom. The G Watch R is very elegant and classy looking especially compared to LG’s G watch which is a rectangle. Even though, the Lg G Watch R is circular there is not…

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Moto 360 too late

The Moto 360 has been the most hyped announced smart watch this year, but will an unknown release date I believe the Moto 360 will join too late.   Samsung and LG have both released their smart watches about a month ago. Overall the impressions have been mixed. With Gizmag reporting a subpar experience with their LG G Watch saying there is need for improvement. And other sites claiming the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live have poor battery life, I don’t see the Moto 360 flourishing anytime soon….

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