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A typical day at CFK part 4

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Bobby is working today he is Cfk’s regional manager. He has been with the company pretty much since the store opened 40 years ago. He values the customers very much, and enjoys everyday of work. Ding, the sound of a customer entering the store. “Hello what can I get for you day, my man?” Bobby said. Customer, ” Yeah can I get a Twister Combo please?” Yes, you can would you like to megasize your order for 0.79? No, thank you. What would you…

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Typical day at CFK Part 3

Part 1 Part 2 Bing, the headset went off. Brett, “What can I get for you today?” *Brett is the typical likeable CFK worker, he enjoys his job, and likes working with the majority of his co-workers, he will bring a smile to everyone. Customer, ” Hi, can I have a Snackwhich combo?” Brett, ” I am sorry , but we don’t have the Snackwhich anymore, the Snacker replaced it.” Customer, ” Ok I will take a Snacker combo.” Brett, ” What do you want to drink?” Customer, ” I…

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A typical day at CFK part 2!

Part 1: Ring, “Thank you for calling CKF, my name is Laura how may I help you today?” Laura will drop everything to answer the phone, ignore customers around her, the phone rings she has to be the first to answer. Thud, a box of fries hits the floor, no one investigates the sound as everyone is used to the sound of fries hitting the floor. Justin, Johnny and even Tony all do it. Johnny is the cook working tonight as Justin has worked in the morning. Johnny is the…

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