Wireless protection plan worth it?

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My carrier has just rolled out their own wireless protection guarantee plan, when I read that I was wondering is it really worth it?

Now you may be wondering what is a wireless protection plan, a wireless protection plan protects your phone from being lost, broken or even stolen. Your carrier will give you a free phone if anything happens to it, though their is a catch you will have to pay a deductible on top of paying for the monthly fee for this protection.

My carrier charges a minium of $6 per month for this protection and a maximum of $7 a month, there is a deducible which also would have to be payed when filling a claim, the deductible is $75 to $225.

So if you were to have your phone for a 3 year contract and pay the maximum $7 a month you would be paying an extra $252 over the next 3 years. So say if you break your phone within 2 years of having the phone, you would have paid $168 + what ever the deductible is of $75 or $225 $243 or $393. Plus whatever you had to initially pay for the phone in the first place.

So not worth it if you were to ask me. You might as well buy a new phone with better technology for the same price or a bit more.

What do you think?