Why the Ford F-150 does not need a fully boxed frame

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I am sure we have all seen the advertisement Ford has been putting out over the years about the Ford F-150 being the best truck because it has a fully boxed frame.

If not check it out here. Read more after the break.

The advertisement called strongest frame. In which the ad describes the frame as being fully boxed making the frame more rigid ,therefore stronger.

Though is this claim really true?

I do not believe so. Why would the F-150 being a half ton be the only truck Ford makes that has a fully boxed frame? Ford’s F-150 and F-350 do not have a fully boxed frame, so why would the F-150 need one?

Ford F-350 chasis cab frame
Ford F-350 chasis cab frame

The F-250 and F-350 are more capable then the F-150 in every way. They both can tow more weight and hall more weight in their beds when compared to the F-150.

Do you really believe a fully boxed frame for the F-150 is an advantage? I am thinking the only advantage is for Ford’s marketing, not the consumer.

What do you think?