Want a free alternative to Sirius XM?

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If you’re looking for a free alternative to Sirius XM then I got a great one for you called Slacker radio, while Sirius XM costs $164.89 Canadian not including taxes and fees so you’re looking around $200 a year Slacker radio costs nothing.

XM/Sirius Canadian pricing as of February 5 2012.

You are likely wondering why I am writing this, I have been an avid Sirius listener for about 5 years so yes I like Sirius radio, but I believe it costs way too much. I woke up one morning to check my credit card balance to see that it was around $200 I was shocked and confused to see my credit card at $200, I checked why and seen Sirius XM charge of $200 and I did not remember asking Sirius to automatically renew my contract. I was very mad and phoned up Sirius and demanded that they cancel my radio!

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What can I do with an extra $200 a year, well that is subjective as everyone has their own needs and wants ,but personally for me that extra money could be put towards a loan, food gas or even rent.

Slacker Radio, what is so great about Slacker Radio, well it does not cost anything, the sound quality is just as good as Sirius XM if not better, Slack Radio has enough radio stations to please people who like Rock to even Pop, and even Electronica. There is even music for toddlers!

Slack Radio does not require an expensive radio, you can listen to Slacker Radio on your phone (Android, iPhone, and even Blackberry) and even on your computer.

You maybe wondering does Slacker use a lot of data, the simple answer is not at all. I Slack Radio streams at 64 kilobytes a second so that is nothing to worry about especially if you have unlimited data, which I am sure most of you readers do.

The only thing I will miss about Sirius XM are the awesome radio hosts.

So check it out, and report back.

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Slacker Radio now offers:


Party Rock, Southern Rock, Party Metal, Rock Ballads, Christian Rock and much more.

Slacker Radio does have some problems on some Android Devices such as force closing, or the user interface not completely loading. There is now annoying video ads from Bose that play every time you start a station, but overall still a good alternative to Sirius XM.




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