General Motors needs to issue a recall on their Chevy Cobalt control arm bushings.

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General Motors needs to issue a recall on their Chevy Cobalt control arm bushings. If you hear a clunking or banging noise in the front end of your Chevrolet Cobalt you likely have the common worn out control arm bushings.

You can buy new control arm bushings here:

GM OEM Control Arm Bushings for Cobalt

Dorman Cobalt Control Arm Bushing

To read why the bushing is a problem complete one of the actions below.




I will keep you all updated.

How to Change Control Arm Bushing on the Chevy Cobalt.

Jack up car preferably on hoist

Remove the lower ball joint bolt nut and bolt.
Pry downward and tap on the control arm with a hammer to separate from knuckle.
Remove front and rear control arm mounting bolts. Remove control arm.
The bushing is pressed in.
There is a special tool to replace the bushing.
*You can pound out the old bushing, and then with a vice with a fitting sized just right, press in the new bushing.
Must be very careful. It is extremely easy to crush the metal sleeve of the bushing.
Maybe better to take to any parts store with a machine shop and have them do it.

How much does it cost for a dealer to fix?

2 hours labor at $100 – $125 an hour. = $200 – $250

Plus 2 Control Arm bushings one per side at $20 each = $40

The total cost for a dealer would be around $240 – $290 American/Canadian.

Doing it your self would be anywhere from $40 if you have your own press to $100 to get a machine shop to press out the old bushing and press the new ones in.

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  • DT

    What did the repair cost you? I will be bringing my ’08 for the same problem next week :(

    • Dino

      I think I am having the same problem on my ’08 Cobalt – getting it checked out this weekend. It would be good to know what others have paid for this repair (preferably in Canada sine that’s where I am).

      • donnie

        iI had my car about 5 years now and i have to cange the bushings 3 times and yet there gone again now.

        • Mare’

          I have a 2006 Cobalt with only 23,000 miles on it. I don’t drive it a whole lot and I take really good care of it. I just took it in for inspection and they said the Front Lower Control Arm Bushings need replaced. Also, I’ve been smelling a strong odor of gas the past few weeks. Here I found out a plastic piece can crack and gas can leak out. A recall was called for the southern/warmer states but I live in the North. I also need struts, they are cracked and leaking. The hood on my car has come up about an inch or so on the drivers side(tried to get it fixed while under warranty but said it wouldn’t be covered under warranty). There are some other things I ‘m just not thinking of right now. Just seems like a lot is going wrong with it since the warranty ran out. For a 7 year old car in really good kept shape, a lot is going wrong. It should be years and years before any of this stuff starts going wrong. A couple years ago I had to replace the breaks and tires. I could see this, but again I only had a little over 10,000 miles when these needed changed. I’m starting to feel now like after about 5 years these cars turn into lemons. Which is a shame because I really liked the car.

      • krstic123

        i am in windsor ontario just had it done today on a 2006  paid  330.00 at a local shop.

  • waloshin

    The repair is expensive at the dealership, but you can buy the parts for $50 each and have a mechanical friend with a press install the new ones.

    I believe the cost at a dealership is 2 hours at $120 an hour Canadian plus $50 x 2 for the parts for a total cost of $340.

  • beth garlitz

    My daughter needs bushings. She has a 2005 Cobalt with only 20,000 miles +. Before this dhe had the steering and wiring recalled and had that fixed. She keeps this up she will have all new innards.

  • shannon

    I’ve got the same annoying sound coming from my front end. I’ve had BOTH arms replaced and still makes the noise and this year had to have the right arm replaced again cause it broke again before a year was up…. NOT happy. Being a single parent it sucks constantly dumping money into a car to make it ‘quiet’ only to have it still make noise. I’ve got a lot of road construction going on around my hosue and dread having to drive through it cause my car sounds like it wants to fall apart. If I didn’t still owe on it, I’d most certainly get rid of it. Thanks for the info though, I’m gonna ask my mechanic to change the bushings and see if that helps with the noise.

  • Molly53

    I have the same problem. I own a 2006 chevy cobalt & it only has 17,176 kilometers on it. I a NOT happy with this car. If I could afford it I would get rid of the thing. I know nothing about cars so this is very frustrating. I’m luck that I have a great son-in-law who helps me out when he can to fix the problems…

  • lori staten

    I had the same problem from the time i bought the car new it’s a 2007 cobalt the dealer wants over $500 bucks to replace it. i am done with gm. garbage

  • Matthew

    I bought an 08 Cobalt Sport… JN Chevy here in Hawaii said it was going to be over $1000 to replace just the drivers side bushing. GM needs to fix all their numerous TSBs.

    • Waloshin

      Yeah I agree it is crazy how much it costs to replace the control arm bushings in our Cobalts.

  • Donald elson

    I bought my 2005 cobalt in november 06 and since then I have replaced the control arm bushings 4 times and there knocking again. I have since spoke to someone who has a cobalt ls and he told me the only way he could get rid of the knocking was to replace them with cobalt ss control arms, but who has 600 bucks to buy ss arms. I think gm really needs to look into this problem before someone gets injured when they let go all together.

    Donald elson

  • alvin

    Thanks for the information, and I am sure it would certainly help ever Cobalt owners as it is something related to their safety. The automaker needs to recall all affected models as early as possible.

  • patpenny

    I have just turned 37,000 on my 06 Cobalt and am getting to replace my control arms/bushings for the second time….the first time was at 16,000 miles (fortunately still under warranty) I asked then if there was a recall because everyone I know that has a Cobalt has already had this issue…does anyone know if there has been a recall yet?

    • Justin Waloshin

      As far as I know General Motors has not released a recall for any of the Cobalt’s control arm bushings.

  • A M Monroe

    I have that same problem. 2006 SS Chevy cobalt! Has anyone else had a problem with the paint fading prematurely???

    • JustinWaloshin

      I have not had  a problem with the paint fading just peeling off prematurally. 

  • A M Monroe

    My car is doing both & I saw a SS cobalt in redwood city doin the same. I think its the black paint! What color is urs & what can we do 2 address this problem

    • JustinWaloshin

      My car is Red. I had a autobody shop spray truck bed liner on the bottom of my car. 

  • spence Spencer

    wow now the ignition switch is recalled I wish I never would have got this car soo many problems

    • JustinWaloshin

      My 2005 Cobalt has not been too problematic. Mainly the control arm bushings, and now a slipping clutch at 200,000 KM.

      • spence Spencer

        so your reverse light switch didnt fail? or the power steering? how abouy the ignition sticking?

        • JustinWaloshin

          I had my power steering motor replaced under a recall a few years back.

          My reverse light switch has not failed yet.

          There is a recall out for the ignition switch right now. Though my service air bag light is on. I hope it gets fixed under the ignition switch recall.