General Motors needs to issue a recall on their Chevy Cobalt control arm bushings.

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General Motors needs to issue a recall on their Chevy Cobalt control arm bushings. If you hear a clunking or banging noise in the front end of your Chevrolet Cobalt you likely have the common worn out control arm bushings.

You can buy new control arm bushings here:

GM OEM Control Arm Bushings for Cobalt

Dorman Cobalt Control Arm Bushing

The main problem with Chevy Cobalt’s are the control arm bushings, usually before 30,000 miles the bushing fails, causing a loud clunking noise from the front end. Yesterday I had my control arm bushings replaced and took some pictures, it seems like the problem is the bushing falls out of the metal brace holding it allowing the control arm bushing to bang around inside the control arm.

Gm has had 6 years to work out this problem and still haven’t, so I will be dropping by my dealer and talking to the service manager about this problem and see what I can do, I will also be phoning up Gm Canada and complaining about this issue and hopefully something will be done.







I will keep you all updated.

How to Change Control Arm Bushing on the Chevy Cobalt.

Jack up car preferably on hoist

Remove the lower ball joint bolt nut and bolt.
Pry downward and tap on the control arm with a hammer to separate from knuckle.
Remove front and rear control arm mounting bolts. Remove control arm.
The bushing is pressed in.
There is a special tool to replace the bushing.
*You can pound out the old bushing, and then with a vice with a fitting sized just right, press in the new bushing.
Must be very careful. It is extremely easy to crush the metal sleeve of the bushing.
Maybe better to take to any parts store with a machine shop and have them do it.

How much does it cost for a dealer to fix?

2 hours labor at $100 – $125 an hour. = $200 – $250

Plus 2 Control Arm bushings one per side at $20 each = $40

The total cost for a dealer would be around $240 – $290 American/Canadian.

Doing it your self would be anywhere from $40 if you have your own press to $100 to get a machine shop to press out the old bushing and press the new ones in.

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