5 types of Draw Something players

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Draw something is a popular pictionary type game that can be found on Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and of course on Android.

Though this is not a review of the game, but actually review of the types of players the game has.

1. The cheater: These are the type of people that want to get the most coins. They will do anything to win.

Draw Something Cheater




















2. The Ultimate Cheater: They don’t even care about playing the game at all. Instead of drawing something they just write it out! These people are quite lazy.

Draw Something: Ultimate Cheater




















3. The Hinter: These people cannot draw the best, but at least they try, They usually give a small hint on what their drawing is. (Drawing on your phone can be rather difficult)

Draw Something: Hinter





















4. The perfectionist: This person will draw than erase, draw again and erase until they have a great drawing that is quite obvious on what they are drawing.


5. The Hardcore player: They are very similar to the perfectionist, but if they don’t guess what you drew they usually give up  the game or just stop playing.

What type of player are you?

What type of player drives you nuts?


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